Company Policies

Payment Information

  • A $200 program deposit is required with your application.
  • Program price is the  price listed on the Arcos Learning Abroad website the day you apply.
  • Final payment is due by the Payment Deadline.
  • Program payments can be made by credit card, ACH, personal check, or PayPal. A $35 fee will be assessed for all returned checks.
  • If final payment has not been received by the Payment Deadline, a $150 late fee will be assessed. If the payment is not received within 5 days of the Payment Deadline, you will be removed from the program. If final payment has not been received by the final deadline, and there is  a Waitlist, you will lose your spot.

Withdrawal & Refund Policy

  • After acceptance, the $200 program deposit is non-refundable.
  • For all withdrawal or refund requests that occur after the Payment Deadline has passed, Arcos Learning Abroad (ALA) must receive a request in writing via email (
  • Any withdrawal request made 45 or more days before the program start date can be refunded 50% of the program price, minus documented expenses incurred by ALA.
  • For any withdrawal request made  45 days or less before the program start date there is no refund. 
  • Once the program begins there are no refunds. If a student decides to withdraw prior to the end of the program, the student is responsible for all fees and/or changes associated with their return home.
  • There is no refund issued if a participant is expelled from the program due to a violation of ALA's Conduct & Behavior Standards. The Conduct & Behavior Standards are provided after program acceptance as part of the acceptance package. Should you wish to view these standards in advance please contact us and we will provide you a copy for your review.

Financial Aid Policy

  • Arcos Learning Abroad allows students to pay for their program with the use of financial aid, scholarships, grants, loans, and other means of approved financial assistance.
  • If a participant’s financial aid/assistance will not be disbursed until after the payment deadline, Arcos Learning Abroad will grant a payment extension for the amount covered by financial aid/ assistance.
  • In order for Arcos Learning Abroad to grant a payment extension, the participant must have their financial aid advisor and/or the guarantor organization complete the Arcos Learning Abroad Financial Aid Verification Form which ALA will provide you after acceptance. This form is due to Arcos Learning Abroad by the payment deadline. The participant is also required to pay a non-refundable Good Faith Payment of $500.00 to Arcos Learning Abroad by the payment deadline.
  • Any amount of the program price that is not covered by financial aid or assistance must be paid in full to Arcos Learning Abroad no later than the payment deadline.
  • If the participant neglects to pay the Good Faith Payment and/or any amount not covered by financial aid by the payment deadline listed in the company policy, or neglects to turn in the signed Arcos Learning Abroad Financial Aid Verification Form by the payment deadline, the participant will be removed from the program with no refund.
  • The participant must pay the remaining amount owed to Arcos Learning Abroad within 7 days of the verified disbursement date listed in the Arcos Learning Abroad Financial Aid Verification Form.
  • If the participant’s amount owed is not paid in full within 7 days of their home university/guarantor organization’s verified disbursement dates listed in the Arcos Learning Abroad Financial Aid Verification Form, the participant will be immediately withdrawn from the program (even if they are already abroad), and will incur legal and academic repercussions: (i) your account will be sent to collections with a 35% added fee on your balance to cover the cost of the collection service; (ii) Arcos Learning Abroad reserves the right to withhold the official university transcript earned on the program from the participant’s host institution until the amount owed to Arcos Learning Abroad is paid in full. If this happens, the participant will not hold Arcos Learning Abroad, their home university, or their host institution responsible.

Program Cancellation Policy

  • Arcos Learning Abroad reserves the right to cancel any of our programs as deemed necessary by the program administration prior to the program start date. This may arise from insufficient participation or for other reasons deemed appropriate. Arcos Learning Abroad will provide participants with as much advance notice as possible of such a decision. Upon cancellation, accepted applicants are presented with the following choices: (i) change to a different program offered during a similar time period; (ii) defer your application to a future program that is offered within one year of the original program; (iii) the amount of any potential refund will be calculated at the time of cancellation.
  • If a program must be cancelled for any reason once students are in the host country, Arcos Learning Abroad will not be responsible for any type of refund and bears no liability for any loss or claims resulting from program cancellation. Arcos Learning Abroad will assist our students to the best of its capacity in making arrangements to return to their home country. Any expenses that participants may incur are their sole responsibility.

Program Changes & Applicable Fee

  • Changing a program to a different location or session after official program acceptance is only permitted on a case-by-case basis. If a change is possible,  a change fee will be applied in the same amount as the program deposit.  
  • The change fee is added to the program invoice. Should the change occur after the final program payment has been made it is due within 5 days of the change or you risk removal from the session.

Late Applications

  • Consideration may be given for applications submitted after the Payment Deadline. If Arcos Learning Abroad is able to accept a late application, and if it is 45 days or less before the program start date, you must pay in full for your application to be accepted. Depending on the circumstances, other conditions may be applied.

Emergency Contact(s)

  • Arcos Learning Abroad will send pre-departure and program materials to parents/guardians or other persons at their provided email address and will also contact the person the participant designates in their Medical Background form in the case of an emergency.