Transcripts & Credits

Prior to studying abroad, you will need to meet with your study abroad office to review the process and requirements that they have in place. This is especially important when it comes to planning for transferring the credit you earn while participating in an Arcos Learning Abroad program, as well as ensuring that they will accept the transcript earned on the program. Make sure you do this early on in your application process. Once you apply with your program we will make sure your study abroad office has been informed so that they can ensure you are following the necessary steps to study abroad.

Course Pre-Approval

  • When preparing to study abroad with Arcos Learning Abroad you will need to give yourself time to get your classes pre-approved. Meet with your study abroad office to find out what the pre-approval process is on your campus.

  • Most schools require a Course Pre-Approval Form where you list the classes you plan to take and credit you hope to receive. Upon request, we will provide you with course syllabi outlining the course description and contact hours.

  • You will also most likely need to meet with an Academic Advisor. They will help determine how the credit will fit in your degree plan.

  • Approve alternate courses in case you need to make a class change when you arrive on your program. It is always best to be prepared!

  • If you are not interested in receiving academic credit and are just going for the enrichment experience then you should not need to worry about this step.


One of the main reasons to study abroad is to fulfill requirements for your major or minor. By studying abroad you can often get ahead in your degree plan or take the same classes for a semester as you would have back home but in a completely different learning context. Upon successful completion of your program you will earn an official transcript from the foreign university certifying the classes and hours completed and grade earned. The foreign coursework you complete is measured in classroom contact hours. A contact hour is the unit of measurement that is used by universities to determine credit.

Hours earned in your classes abroad are translated in the following way:

  • 45 contact hours = 3 semester credits

    • For every 15 classroom contact hours you earn 1 semester credit

  • 40 contact hours = 4 quarter units

    • For every 10 classroom contact hours you earn 1 quarter unit

Financial Aid & Credit

If you are using Financial Aid (FAFSA) to fund you program please know that you must remain at full-time status during the program. If you drop below full-time enrollment status, or if you fail one of the courses needed to keep you at full-time status, then you may be subject to consequences such as having to pay back your financial aid or a portion of it.


  • All participants receive an official transcript outlining their coursework and grades.

  • Transcripts are typically received by our office 4 to 8 weeks after the program end date.

  • After the transcripts are received in our office, you will be sent via email a digital version of your official transcript and a translated letter explaining the coursework completed and grade earned.

  • Your official university transcript, along with the translated letter, is sent to the appropriate transcript contact person at your university.

  • Transcripts will not be processed until all pending student payments to Arcos Learning Abroad have been made.

  • We keep a copy of all transcripts in case you need official copies at a later date. These can be requested for a processing fee.

  • Should you wish to view a sample transcript from one of the programs please contact our office.

Foreign Grading Scale

Each foreign university has its own grading scale. We list the conversion scale in the translated cover letter that accompanies your completed foreign transcript.