Program Highlights

  • Choose from a variety of courses and academic programs.

  • Live in a bohemian city with hip cafés, art galleries, and a vibrant live music scene.

  • Discover the pre-Hispanic ruins of Monte Alban and Mitla Pyramids.

  • Participate in weekly cultural activities.

  • Experience one of Mexico’s best preserved colonial cities and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Why Mexico?

Study abroad in beautiful southern Mexico. Mexico is truly one of the most fascinating and diverse countries in the world. A land of snow-capped peaks, expansive deserts, cool cloud forests, and two gorgeous coastlines, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. As diverse as it is geographically, Mexico is home to a large variety of cultures and indigenous communities. For example, within this Latin American country there are 68 nationally recognized languages by the Mexican government. With its proximity to the United States it is a country of immense importance to the US and merits a deeper exploration and understanding by North Americans. It provides a dearth of issues and topics to be explored such as the dynamics of economic trade between nations and complex issues of immigration and identity.

Why Oaxaca?

Oaxaca is a fascinating colonial city surrounded by lush mountains and indigenous villages. It is an ideal location for Spanish language study and cultural immersion. Students find that the friendly people of Oaxaca possess an unmatched hospitality. Explore indigenous villages and stroll through colonial Oaxaca City with its welcoming plazas and inspiring architecture. Discover the ancient past of the pre-Hispanic cultures still alive today, such as the Zapotecs and the Mixtecs. This is the perfect destination to study abroad and explore a unique Latin American country.