Universities & Advisors

Arcos Learning Abroad maintains a very personalized approach to our programming and advising. We understand the demands that study abroad offices and advisors experience, and our goal is to work collaboratively and provide support to ease the workload. We are a dedicated team, embodying the term partnership through our actions of consistent support and reliability.

To better achieve our goals of support we:

  • Provide higher levels of collaboration and understanding between our organizations through Affiliation Agreements.

  • Provide a better understanding of our operations and program locations through site visits.

  • Allow for ease of academic advising through carefully detailed and maintained academic sections on our website.

  • Are available to discuss academic programming by phone or email.

  • Curate and provide translated course syllabi.

The A.R.C.O.S. Difference for Universities & Advisors

For us, "Arcos" (arches in English), conjures the imagery of arches reaching across continents and cultures and connecting people, places, and ideas. We are the arch that connects and supports our students on their learning abroad experiences. We are the connection point between our students’ curiosity to seek new experiences and the in-country learning that gets them there.

For our Universities and Advisors we offer the following acronym which demonstrates our shared mission of working together in order to support you in the most efficient manner:

A.R.C.O.S. =

A = Agile

R = Responsive

C = Consistent

O = Organized

S = Symbiotic