Classes & Syllabi - Mexico


Electives taught in English 

University of Oaxaca

* Each class is 45 contact hours

* Additional hours can be arranged if necessary

Healthcare & Medical Spanish Program

University of Oaxaca

During the Spring Semester we offer a custom-designed 9 week program option to focus on Healthcare. 

Students on this track take Medical Spanish and one Spanish course (Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Advanced I, or Advanced II). All students take the course “Healthcare: Public Health in Mexico” which combines in-class work with a medical shadowing experience at the Red Cross. The program is intended for students in a health sciences degree plan such as Nursing, Medicine or Pre-Med.  A Spanish classes add-on is available if your level is not Intermediate I by program start. Extra cost of $2,750.

Modern Language Electives 

University of Oaxaca

Elective Classes with Locals

Meso-American University

Available for advanced-level students only.  You may combine these classes with Spanish Language and Elective classes taught at the University of Oaxaca

Below are the departments with areas of study. Within those areas of study are the courses. 

Visual Arts:



Tourism Management:




Public Accounting:


Computer Science, Law, Psychology, and many more. Please contact us for specifics!

How to Select your Classes

The semester program at the University of Oaxaca is taught in blocks:

Block 1: 4 weeks

- Choose any 2 classes

Block 2: 4 weeks

- Choose any 2 classes

Block 3: 4 weeks

- Choose any 1 class

- You can add a 6th course for an additional fee

This schedule works very well for those students progressing through Spanish levels. 

For example, a student could do:

Block 1:

Intermediate Spanish I

Intermediate Spanish II

Block 2:

Advanced Spanish I

Advanced Spanish II

Block 3:

Mexican Civilization & Culture

If you choose any Classes with Locals at the Meso-American University those are taught the whole semester. You would have a blend of some classes being taught over the course of the semester (Meso-American University) and some taught during blocks (University of Oaxaca).