Classes & Syllabi - Mexico


Spanish Language Classes

University of Oaxaca

*Each class is 45 contact hours

Beginner I Beginner II (60 and 75 hours available)

Intermediate I Intermediate II (60 hours available)

Advanced I Advanced II (60 hours available)

Elective Classes with Locals

Meso-American University

Available for advanced-level students only.  You may combine these classes with Spanish Language and Elective classes taught at the University of Oaxaca

Graphic Design:

Tourism Management:



Public Accounting:


Computer Science, Law, Psychology, and many more. Please contact us for specifics!

Modern Language Electives 

University of Oaxaca

Healthcare & Medical Spanish 

University of Oaxaca: Spring Semester

Students take Medical Spanish and one Spanish course (Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Advanced I, or Advanced II). All students take the course “Healthcare: Public Health in Mexico” which combines in-class work with a medical shadowing experience at the Red Cross. The program is intended for students in a health sciences degree plan such as Nursing, Medicine or Pre-Med.  A Spanish classes add-on is available if your level is not Intermediate I by program start. Extra cost of $2,750.

How to Select your Classes

The semester program at the University of Oaxaca is taught in blocks:

Block 1: 4 weeks

- Choose any 2 classes

Block 2: 4 weeks

- Choose any 2 classes

Block 3: 4 weeks

- Choose any 1 class

- You can add a 6th course for an additional fee

This schedule works very well for those students progressing through Spanish levels. 

For example, a student could do:

Block 1:

Intermediate Spanish I

Intermediate Spanish II

Block 2:

Advanced Spanish I

Advanced Spanish II

Block 3:

Mexican Civilization & Culture

If you choose any Classes with Locals at the Meso-American University those are taught the whole semester. You would have a blend of some classes being taught over the course of the semester (Meso-American University) and some taught during blocks (University of Oaxaca).