Classes & Syllabi - Spain

Spanish Language Classes

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol (iNMSOL)

Beginner I Beginner II (45, 60, 75 contact hours)

Intermediate I Intermediate II (45, 60 contact hours)

Advanced I Advanced II (45 contact hours)

Elective Classes

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol (iNMSOL)

Most universities accept the iNMSOL certificate. If a transcript is needed from a School of Record please contact us for further details.

These classes offered at the Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Advanced I and Advanced II levels:

Prerequisite of  Intermediate II for these classes:

Spanish for the Professions Certificates

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol (iNMSOL)

Available for those students taking Business, Tourism or Medical Spanish at the Advanced levels. Additional cost of $195. This certificate is in addition to the transcript all students earn for their coursework.