Program Highlights

  • Choose from a variety of courses and academic programs.

  • Live in one of Spain's top student cities for activities and affordability.

  • Travel to the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Costa del Sol beaches of Spain's tropical coastline.

  • Participate in weekly cultural activities.

  • Explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Alhambra palace and Albaicin Moorish district and a cradle of Flamenco development and culture.

  • Revel in the intrigue of Flamenco music, song and dance.

Study abroad in Spain with Arcos Learning Abroad

Why Spain?

Spain is a country of intriguing diversity, which is visible in its people, its geography, and its profound history. The variety of cultures that have influenced Spain include the Romans, Jews, Moors, and Gypsies. Spain is the largest country in Western Europe and unique in its proximity to North Africa, many consider it a gateway to Europe. It is a fascinating country to live in and explore, especially in the context of history, economics, and government.

Why Granada?

Ernest Hemingway is famously quoted as saying, "If you were to visit only one city in Spain, this should be Granada." We certainly agree with him! Granada is one of the most ancient and diverse cities in Spain. While in Granada, explore the narrow, cobblestone streets of the former Muslim quarter, the Albaicin, full of Moroccan tea houses and shops. Wander the passageways of the Alhambra Palace and enter the white-washed caves of the Gypsies to experience the passion of a Flamenco performance. Granada's historic streets are lined with Europe's top fashion stores. In addition to the mysteries and intrigue of the city, the Sierra Nevada Mountains provide an impressive backdrop to all that Granada has to offer. Come, experience the fascination of Southern Spain!

The Camino de Santiago, the Way of St. James, is an ancient pilgrimage path dating back more than a thousand years with its destination as the shrine of the Apostle St. James. This route stretches across the north of Spain and has regained popularity in recent years for many reasons. More than 300,000 pilgrims complete it each year and the U.S. stands proudly as its fourth most numerous pilgrim nation. Come walk your “Camino” with us while enjoying the beautiful scenery and getting the most out of the visits along the way. Focus on your walk, your thoughts, and leave the rest to Arcos Learning Abroad!