Classes & Syllabi - Costa Rica


Spanish Language Classes

Latin University of Costa Rica

* Each class is 45 contact hours

* 60 and 75 hours available for Beginner I & II

* 60 hours available for Int I, Int II, Adv I, Adv II

Beginner I Beginner II

Intermediate I Intermediate II

Advanced I Advanced II


Latin University of Costa Rica

Choose an internship as your fourth or fifth class. Each Internship is 45 contact hours. If your university has a 60 or 120 hour requirement contact us to discuss details and planning. Internships available in:

Animal Studies Internship

Latin University of Costa Rica & Toucan Rescue Ranch

Animal Studies Semester

Certificate Courses

Latin University of Costa Rica

8 week-long Certificate courses taught at 45 contact hours (3 credits). Students may select one of the following options as a 5th semester course should they wish. These courses can be taught in English or Spanish.