Affiliations & Partnerships

Affiliation Agreements

An Affiliation Agreement allows a closer collaborative relationship between our organizations. Our goal is to support our affiliates in their efforts to provide safe and beneficial education abroad programs and experiences for their students. With Arcos Learning Abroad you can be assured that everything we do is led by our guiding principle: “Intentional study abroad programming with the student and the educator at heart”. We operate as an extension of your office and enjoy working closely with you to come up with programming solutions for your students.


An Affiliation Agreement is not required for your students to participate in an Arcos Learning Abroad program. Please contact us if you would like to develop a relationship in order for your students to participate in our program but are not interested in a formal Affiliation Agreement.


Advising Support

We assist in your advising efforts and work closely with you to match students up to the best program for their academic goals.

Clear Communication

We will inform your study abroad office whenever a student is accepted into our program. Due to a closer working relationship, students will enjoy a more efficient advising and preparation process.

Financial Benefits

We offer a fixed amount per student and the institution can choose how to have these funds applied. They can be given as a direct discount off of the student's invoice or towards a grant fund or used for other support services.

Site Visits

We offer periodic site visits to evaluate and learn about our programs. These may be individual or group site visits. We will also accommodate individuals whenever they may be in one of our program locations on personal travel or other business. You do not have to have had a minimum number of students abroad with us to participate in a site visit. Our only expectation is that you provide an evaluation upon completion of your site visit. Site visits are open to study abroad offices and faculty members.

Priority Enrollment

As part of our collaboration, we will prioritize enrollment by your students should a program session have a waitlist.

Campus Visits

We will make every effort to attend your study abroad fairs and make periodic campus visits in order to work together on mutual study abroad programming goals.

Pre-Departure Orientations

We are available to provide online pre-departure orientations for your students.

Flexible Billing Arrangements

We will arrange for the invoicing of your students and/or your institution. This can be adjusted to your specifications. For example, we can invoice the student for housing but invoice your institution for tuition and fees.

Non-binding and Non-exclusive

There is no cost to become an Arcos Learning Abroad affiliate nor are there any expectations as to exclusivity.

No Minimum

There is no minimum number of students expected per year to maintain an affiliation.

International Medical Insurance Requirements

We offer international medical insurance that meets your institution's requirements in case it is needed.

Student Evaluations

We will provide student evaluations to your office upon request.


Process Financial Aid

Facilitate the financial aid process for those students using financial aid to study abroad on an Arcos Learning Abroad program.

Credit Transfer

Assist your students in transferring credit from their Arcos Learning Abroad program.

Display Materials

Should you keep printed materials in your office, maintain a supply of Arcos Learning Abroad materials on display and include our information when promoting marketing materials (both printed and digital) to your students.

Indicate our Affiliation on your Website

List us on your website under your list of Affiliate Program Providers.

Promote Campus Visits

Work together when planning a campus visit so that we can meet with prospective students, faculty and advisors, table, and give classroom presentations.

Study Abroad Fair Participation

Invite us to your study abroad fair or any other promotional events you may have.