COVID Addendum


Arcos Learning Abroad is applying a “Sign up now - Pay later” policy while the COVID pandemic persists.

We are optimistic about the 2022 sessions and encourage students to apply. At the same time, we also want our students and their families to feel confident that they are not assuming any unnecessary financial risks. With that in mind, and working closely with our university partners and vendors, we can offer an extension for the final payment deadlines for 2022 as follows:

  • Argentina: 30 days prior to start date

  • Costa Rica: 30 days prior to start date

  • Mexico: 30 days prior to start date

  • Spain: 30 days prior to start date

Should a student withdrawal due to COVID past the deadlines listed above, and before the official program start date, any potential refund will have to be calculated. At that time it may not be possible to recover the tuition fees. There will be other unrecoverable costs such as housing, director salaries, and other program-related expenses. A refund will be calculated for any recoverable costs and will be communicated to the student within a week maximum.

Deposit clarifications:

  • The non-refundable deposit ($200) policy remains to cover administrative costs

  • If the withdrawal is due to COVID, 100% of the deposit can be deferred to any future program within 1 year

  • If the withdrawal is due to COVID, 100% of the deposit is transferable to another student

These policies and terms supersede our standard Company Policies for 2022 regular programs only.